Guest post: You don’t see that everyday!

>Here’s a guest post from Chief Warrant Officer Tim Monck, Commanding Officer of U.S. Coast Guard Station Belle Isle, Mich., on something you don’t get to see everyday. Imagine the police officer’s surprise on finding a 600-pound woman at the bottom of the Detroit River while conducting a training dive.

From CWO Monck:

“We always try to be prepared for the unexpected during Ready for Operations inspections, but yesterday was definitely unique for the crew!

The Detroit Police Department Dive Team, one of our local partners, discovered a statue that had been stolen eight years previously.

(Right: The statue, known as “The Nude” was lifted from the Detroit Police boat at Coast Guard Station Belle Isle. The statue was stolen approximately eight years ago, but was discovered by Detroit Police divers who were conducting a training dive on the Detroit River Wednesday. USCG Photo courtesy Station Belle Isle)

They were able (barely) to get the 6+ foot tall 600 pound bronze statue aboard their dive boat, but needed help getting it off of the boat. They brought it to the station, and we were able to offload it and secure it.

Since then we’ve had a steady stream of detectives, reporters and historians at the station to view the statue, which is actually a fountain of a nude woman valued at over $100,000. Great ‘rescue’ by the DPD!”

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