Station Kenosha: Big thanks for a “routine” rescue

>Ask any member of the Coast Guard whether they consider themselves heroes after participating in a search and rescue case and the answer your most likely to hear is, “Naw, I was just doing my job.”

In fact, we often toil away at our duties with no expectation of recognition or thanks for that work. That’s why it’s always nice to see someone like Janet Irvine take time out of a busy schedules to thank the crew of Station/Aids to Navigation Team Kenosha, Wis., for their job rescuing the her and her husband after their sailboat became disabled on Lake Michigan April 25th.

Fireman Joseph Halasz was standing the radio watch when the distress call came in that day. When it was determined commercial assistance was unavailable, the station launched their 41-foot rescue boat manned by Boatswain’s Mate Second Class Sean Doyle, Boatswain’s Mate Second Class Fernando Medina, Machinery Technician Second Class Daniel Wright, Boatswain’s Mate Third Class Andrew Hill and Seaman Anthony Williams to assist.

Here’s the text from the email Janet sent to the Coast Guard, thanking Station/Aids to Navigation Team Kenosha:

“I want to thank the crew of Kenosha WI Coast Guardsmen who so professionally and efficiently came to rescue my husband and I on Saturday, April 25 in the afternoon.

Our jib line got caught in the motor and we were left without a jib or motor. During that time the wind picked up along with the waves.

I have taken a class in sailing in addition to a great one just a few weeks ago led by the Auxiliary at Waukegan, Ill. Never once did I think I would need to bother the Coast Guard!!

Anyway, I was sea sick and hypothermic and did not get a chance to give all the guys a big hug, not that they could feel it through the orange suits!

Also, a big thanks to Coast Guardsman Joe [Halasz], who took the call and spoke to me so kindly and reassuringly; he was even funny and made me feel confident and calm. I cannot express my gratitude enough for helping us out; I hope we never have to call you again, but it is wonderful to know you are there.

Nothing ever looked so good as that boat.

Janet Irvine of the St. Brendan.”

Sometimes a simple case doesn’t look so simple to those in need of help. Bravo Zulu, gents!

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