From the frozen highway to Two Rivers: A thanks for our service

>Machinery Technician First Class Daniel Doherty from Station (ANT) Two Rivers, Wis., sent me the following tidbit about a special thanks for service he and the rest of STANT Two Rivers’ crew received from the star of the History Channel’s show, “Ice Road Truckers.”

“I was at small Veteran’s Day ceremony consisting of 20-30 assorted people in Manitowoc, Wis., and was quite surprised that the guest speaker turned out to be none other than Alex Debogorski, one of the stars of Ice Road Truckers.

He spoke for several minutes, discussing Canada’s Remembrance Day (similar to Veteran’s Day) and expressed his respect and gratitude to service members from both America and Canada. I hung around after the ceremony to meet him.

(Left: Alex Debogorski [center], of History Channel’s “Ice Road Trucker” fame, visited with the crew of STANT Two Rivers, Wis., and thanked them for their service after meeting MK1 Daniel Doherty at a Manitwoc, Wis., Veterans Day ceremony. Photo courtesy MK1 Daniel Doherty)

A year-round resident of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, he has been staying in Manitowoc for several months working with a local company doing appearances and meet-and-greets. He mentioned that he would enjoy meeting with the crew if possible.

He met and talked with the crew for over an hour, posed for photos, and went for a ride on the station’s 25-footer. Before leaving we were made sure to present him with a station hat. Who knows, maybe it will show up on an episode next season.”

(Left: The crew of STANT Two Rivers prepares to take Alex Debogorski for a ride on the Station’s 25-footer. Photo courtesy MK1 Daniel Doherty.)

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