Coast Guard Air Station Detroit: Their training may save your life


Even when the weather is fair, the seas are calm, and life is not in peril, the crew of Coast Guard Air Station Detroit is still hard at work.

Chief Petty Officer Stacy Dasher, an Aviation Electronics Technician, who acts as Engineering Shop manager and flight mechanic at Coast Guard Air Station Detroit, meticulously inspects the HH-65 ‘Dolphin’ helicopter prior to take off. She stands atop the aircraft and rests her cheek on one of the blades, searching its length for any irregularities. She investigates every hatch and hinge, ensuring everything moves as it should. She scrutinizes every inch of the aircraft with precision. Chief Dasher has done this a thousand times before, but she treats every pre-flight check as if it were her first—even if it is for a routine training mission.

Working as a team, the flight mechanic, rescue swimmer, pilot and co-pilot simulate rescuing a person in peril on the frozen waters of Lake Erie. They repeat the evolution multiple times, making it less of an exercise in thought and more of an exercise in instinct. All this, so others may live.

It’s not practice that makes perfect, but perfect practice that makes perfect. Each day, the men and women of Coast Guard Air Station Detroit train to make themselves more proficient in their duties as life-savers. March 10, 2010 was no different. The photos below show the crew in action—training to perfection.

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