Cleveland Coast Guard members participate in Sports Fitness Day 2010


More than 40 members from seven Cleveland-area Ninth Coast Guard District units participated in the Sports Fitness Day morale event, hosted by the Ninth District Morale Committee and held at Station Cleveland Harbor, Sept. 29, 2010.

Eleven three-person teams participated in baseball pitch, golf chip, 25-yard dash, football throw, jump rope, beanbag toss, and basketball free throw competitions. Scores for each event were tallied and the team with the greatest number of points after all seven events was named the winner.

Team Jompinit, from Civil Engineering Unit Cleveland, earned bragging rights by placing first overall. Jompinit was comprised of Lt. Cmdr. Joe Comar, Lt. Cmdr. Jed Boba and Lt. Cmdr. Chris Belmont.

“We didn’t go into it to win,” said Belmont, chief of planning and real property at CEU Cleveland, “We just wanted to have fun, but it feels good to have won.”

Members from the following Cleveland Coast Guard offices participated in the event: Personnel Service and Support Unit; Health, Safety and Work Life; Electronics Support Detachment; Ninth District; Electronics Systems Support Unit; and Station Cleveland Harbor.

“Sports Fitness Day was a great opportunity to get people from different units to get to know each other,” said Petty Officer 2nd Class Tom Forester, lead coordinator for the event. “It gave people a way to unwind, interact with other Coasties, and have some fun, all while getting some great exercise.”

Forester, of the Ninth District Legal staff, said he is looking forward to improving upon the success of this year’s Sports Fitness Day for an even greater event next year.