Ohio Coast Guardsman awarded Bronze Star for Iraq service

In honor of Veterans Day, the 9th District Public Affairs staff will be highlighting several Coast Guardsmen who are assigned to or are from the Great Lakes region.

Photo of MK1 George Taylor

NAVAL SUPPORT ACTIVITY, Bahrain - U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer 1st Class George Taylor wears the Bronze Star he was awarded Oct. 6, 2011. (U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Sergey Ivashenko)

The first is Petty Officer 1st Class George Taylor, a native of Bowling Green, Ohio. Taylor was awarded the Bronze Star, the fourth-highest military combat decoration, at Naval Support Activity, Bahrain, Oct. 6, 2011, for his performance while training Iraqi Coastal Border Guard personnel in Iraq from December 2010 to July 2011.

Taylor and a fellow Coast Guardsman deployed with Coast Guard Training and Advisory Team 4, operating in support of the Army’s 36th Infantry Division at Contingency Operating Bases Basrah and Umm Qasr.

Taylor and his partner, always escorted by Soldiers, took indirect fire from rocket and mortar attacks, proving to them how dangerous Iraq could be depending on their location, Taylor said.

The Soldiers would secure the perimeter while the Coast Guardsmen trained eight to 10 Iraqi Coastal Border Guard personnel on how to operate small boats ranging in size from 18 feet to 32 feet on the Shat al-Arab River.

The men’s deployment and ability to work so seamlessly with other sectors, foreign militaries, agencies, and many others showed how valuable a force the Coast Guard is, said Coast Guard Capt. Cameron Naron, commodore, Coast Guard Patrol Forces Southwest Asia, the Coast Guardsmen’s parent command.

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