Great lakes Shipmate of the Week: Petty Officer 3rd Class Brian Eagon, Coast Guard Station Ashtabula


Eagon was the Boarding Officer during a post search and rescue boarding of two personal water craft that drifted into the Ashtabula break wall, leaving five people stranded on the wall.

Great Coast Guard men and women are identified not only by heroic deeds, but also by a persistent desire to improve themselves and their capacity to serve others. Petty Officer Third Class Brian Eagon’s dedication to service began before he joined the Coast Guard, and will persists wherever his call of duty takes him.

 Eagon was born in Roanoke, Virginia and raised by Jim and Judy Eagon. He dedicated himself early on to becoming an emergency medical technician (EMT) and earned his basic EMT certification in 2004.  Eagon hoped to utilize this certification as a stepping stone to become a paramedic. It was at this time, he received the exciting news that he was going to become a father to his wonderful daughter Eva.

After enlisting in the Coast Guard in 2006, Eagon’s first duty assignment following CoastGuard Basic Training was Station Tawas, MI. There, he quickly certified as a 47’ Motor Life Boat (MLB) crewman and engineer, 25’ Response Boat-Small (RB-S) crewman, Boarding Team Member, and Ice Rescuer. It was during this assignment, in 2007, that he married his wife Amber, of Munroe Falls, OH.

Petty Officer 3rd Class Brian Eagon and his wife, Amber, enjoying some time together in Maine.

“He was a go getter, even as a fireman I recall him studying Navigation Rules and Deck Watch Officer material. Although he was a fireman his performance was that of a petty officer. He was never content, he was always looking for more” said Senior Chief Jason Walter, former Officer in Charge of Station Tawas.

In 2009 the Eagons transferred to Station Ashtabula, OH. Brian swiftly earned his certification on the 33’ Special Purpose Craft-Law Enforcement (SPC-LE) as a crewman and Officer of the Day, recertified on the Response Boat-Small, attended Boarding Officer School, and became an integral part of the ice rescue program as a train-the-trainer.

Petty Officer 1st Class Joe Wright, Engineering Petty Officer at Station Ashtabula, said, “Brian strives to produce work of the highest quality. His engineering work and attention to detail was reflected during a recent standardization visit where the station’s boats received a perfect score.”

Eagon’s passion to succeed greatly contributed to Station Ashtabula earning its second Sumner I. Kimball Readiness Award in three years. Currently he is actively pursuing qualification as SPC-LE and RB-S Coxswain.  His willingness to assist his shipmates by selflessly volunteering to stand by for them when situations arise shows his deep esprit de corps. Currently serving as one of Station Ashtabula’s two Law Enforcement Petty Officers, Eagon assists in developing aggressive training plans and assists members in comprehending the material both in the classroom and on the water in real life scenarios.

Taking part in boardings is one of the critical roles Eagon plays at Station Ashtabula. Here, Eagon (center), takes part in the boarding of M/V Federal Kushiro.

 “Eagon is a critical part of our team. He has grown exponentially as a third class petty officer. His work ethic, level of knowledge, and experience place him well beyond his pay grade,” said Petty Officer 2nd Class Bill Campbell, “I consider myself lucky to stand duty with him as he makes my job even more enjoyable.”

On liberty, Eagon enjoys spending time with friends and family, playing softball, shooting pool, and riding his motorcycle. He has also volunteered to represent the unit and Coast Guard completing a number of community service or public affairs events such as: Earth Day clean up, Geneva community days, public service radio and newspaper interviews, and various nearby community parades. He is also pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences and aspires to continue to help people in the role of a health care provider.