Great Lakes Shipmate of the Week: BM2 Brian Waters, Station Alexandria Bay, New York


As part of his daily routine, Petty Officer Waters mentors shipmates on proper protocols and procedures at Station Alexandria Bay.

Nestled in the majestic 1000 Islands region of New York State is U.S. Coast Guard Station Alexandria Bay, home to 37 dedicated Coast Guard men and women who are charged with ensuring the security of the Saint Lawrence Seaway, the safety of recreational and commercial mariners and enforcing laws and treaties of the United States.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Brian Waters has been assigned to Coast Guard Station Alexandria Bay since July 2011 and has distinguished himself as an invaluable member of the deck department by assisting his shipmates in obtaining necessary qualifications and by continuing his education both on and off duty.

A native of Duryea, PA, Waters previously served at Coast Guard Station Oak Island, N.C.following graduation from basic training.

Waters is one of Station Alexandria Bay’s qualified small boat coxswains.


“Waters is an exceptional shipmate who reliably gives leadership and direction to the deck department and fellow shipmates at the station,” said Chief Petty Officer James Wilcox, executive petty officer at Station Alexandria Bay.

Recently advancing to boatswain’s mate second class in September 2012, he has taken on additional responsibility with enthusiasm and the same high level of attention to detail. Waters volunteered to fill the role of the unit’s law enforcement petty officer, ensuring the unit law enforcement program is in compliance with commandant and federal standards. His dedication and expertise greatly reduced the workload on his shipmates and was highlighted when Station Alexandria Bay earned a marking of 100 percent compliance on the biennial law enforcement assessment.

“It takes a great amount of attention to detail and dedication on and off duty to receive a score of this magnitude” says Wilcox.

Despite quickly advancing to petty officer 2nd class, Waters’ enthusiasm and passion to excel in the Coast Guard has propelled him to meet all prerequisites to compete in the November 2013 service wide exam for promotion. In addition to constantly working to increase his Coast Guard knowledge base, he has dedicated time toward his personal education, recently earning his Bachelor of Science Studies from the American Military University.

“He is very knowledgeable, motivated, and very quick to adapt to all work situations,” said Petty Officer 1st Class Troy Siver, currently serving in the deck department with Waters.

Petty Officer Waters also plays an instrumental role in support of Operation River Sentinel. This interagency law enforcement operation along the Saint Lawrence River focuses on identifying and interdicting cross-border smuggling of weapons, drugs, money, tobacco, and immigrants.  Often, it requires him to be away from home during the weekly 4 to 5 day deployments.


A duty unique to a few small boat stations in the Coast Guard, including Station Alexandria Bay, is ice rescue. Here, Waters and his shipmates practice ice rescue techniques with the station’s air boat.

In addition to his roles as team leader and tactical coxswain, Waters is responsible for coordinating schedules with other partner agencies including Customs Border Patrol, Immigrations Customs Enforcement, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Ontario Provincial Police, and the International Border Enforcement Team.

Waters plays a key role in the qualification process by mentoring fellow station members so they can successfully obtain boat crewman, boarding team member, coxswain, boarding officer and officer of the day qualifications.  He draws on his past experience and knowledge to help others avoid potential mistakes. Eventually he would like to have the honor of making chief petty officer followed by applying for a commission to chief warrant officer.

Petty Officer Waters is a dedicated husband to his wife, Blair, who loves being a part of the Coast Guard family. He feels very lucky to have a strong supportive partner during times of separation while executing the Coast Guard’s missions.  





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