Great Lakes Shipmate of the Week: Seaman Nikura Walls, Station Cleveland Harbor, Cleveland, Ohio.


Seaman Walls returning from ice rescue training at Station Cleveland Harbor. She is a break-in and is currently working toward qualification as an ice rescuer.
Photo by: Seaman Sierra Heald

Seaman Nikura Walls, a Colp, Illinois native, reported for duty at Coast Guard Station Cleveland Harbor two years ago.  Prior to joining the Coast Guard she attended the University of Southern Illinois where she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice. There, she also excelled in track and field on a division one scholarship. Since her arrival at Coast Guard Station Cleveland Harbor, her performance has continued to be of the highest quality.

Walls currently holds the title and position of leading seaman at Station Cleveland Harbor, where her daily devotion to duty and attention to detail ensures that all assets at Station Cleveland Harbor are mission capable.

Walls has taken the responsibility of ensuring that the unit’s junior enlisted personnel are properly introduced to the daily routine of Station Cleveland Harbor. Always seeking out new opportunities and challenges, she has been appointed the station’s boatswain hole keeper, charged with ensuring all deck equipment is clean and up to date. Conducting routine maintenance on the station’s 45’ response boat medium (RB-M) and two 25’ response boat smalls (RB-S) is yet another duty in which Walls excels at. Earning the trust and respect of her shipmates, she volunteered for and was selected to be the unit’s morale committee secretary.

Petty Officer Trevor Cawley, stationed with Walls said, “She is a great shipmate and makes life much easier at Cleveland Harbor. When asked to complete tasks I know her work will be completed and needs little supervision. She routinely performs well above her pay grade.”

Quickly obtaining certifications as a communications watch stander, boarding team member, and tactical crewmember aboard the unit’s RB-M & RB-S, Walls earned these certifications well before all assigned deadlines.

As a tactical boat crew member, Walls routinely volunteered her time on off days to assist with the added security for the War of 1812 celebrations, Marine Week Cleveland, two Presidential visits and the 2012 Cleveland National Air Show.

Seaman Walls is preparing the deck of Station Clevelnad Harbor’s response boat – medium for a helicopter basket delivery on Lake Erie.
Photo by: Petty Officer 1st Class Matthew Springer


“Walls has become the go to member of the crew. She is the kind of shipmate that every officer in charge wishes they had ten of. She definitely sets the bar,” said Chief Boatswain’s Mate Rudy Radakovich, Station Cleveland Harbor’s Officer in Charge.

Currently Walls is on the waiting list to attend Maritime Enforcement Specialist (ME) “A” school. She desires to become a ME to help enforce laws and protect the citizens of America. Due to her professionalism and devotion to duty she has been selected as part of the unit’s primary tactical boat crew and boarding team for many deep draft boarding’s on freight vessels entering the United States. Walls plans to use all her experience and knowledge gained in the U.S. Coast Guard to pursue a future career with the U.S. Marshals.

As further testament of her hard work and dedication to her shipmates, Walls recently was designated the station’s sailor of the quarter for the 1st quarter of 2013.      




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