Great Lakes Shipmate of the Week: MK3 Corey Parish, Station Buffalo, N.Y.

MK3 Parish aboard a 45-foot Response Boat-Medium

MK3 Parish aboard Coast Guard Station Buffalo, N.Y., 45-foot Response Boat-Medium

This week’s Great Lakes Shipmate of the Week is described as someone with high character and as a selfless servant leader. As his unit’s morale petty officer, he has made notable contributions toward organizing and heading up holiday parties, morale outings, tournaments, barbecues, and even fundraisers to benefit others in need. He has spent 30 hours of planning and organizing these events, often on his own free time.

Petty Officer 3rd Class Corey Parish is a machinery technician assigned to the engineering department at Coast Guard Station Buffalo, N.Y.

Corey 2

MK3 Parish climbs out of the aft hatch aboard a 45-foot Response Boat-Medium.

“Most readily apparent is his positive attitude and morale lifting spirit,” said Petty Officer 1st Class Thomas D’Amore, executive petty officer of Station Niagara. “He has also made great use of his knowledge and experience to support the unit and its assets.”

The station’s command cadre describe his work ethic as top notch.

“He instills his way of life to those around him and always tries to encourage others with a ’keep your head high’ attitude,” said D’Amore.

His pride, dedication and professionalism are not only contagious to all who he encounters, but add to the overall operational readiness of Station Buffalo.

MK3 Parish sports a mustach during "Movember."

MK3 Parish sports a mustach during “Movember.”

Shortly after reporting, he made his first impact by obtaining his boarding officer certification and helping the unit reach its benchmark for yearly boardings. Parish was either a BO or a part of the boarding team for over 50 boardings in about 45 days.

Parish’s engineering expertise was evident in his dedication, both on and off duty, in training coxswains, engineers and crewmembers on the station’s new 45-foot Response Boat-Medium’s systems and casualty control procedures.

“He has been seen setting great examples of initiative and is constantly busy and achieving whatever he sets out to accomplish,” said D’Amore. “He is adamant of not only holding himself to a high standard but to persistently holding others around him to the same effectiveness and merit.”

Outside of his normal exemplary work on the job, Parish grew a mustache to influence and encourage others to grow mustaches in support of “Movember,” a charitable event affiliated with a fundraiser for testicular and prostate cancer research. Movember is an annual event that occurs during the month of November. Parish’s efforts at the station also spread to Sector Buffalo staff members, who are co-located with the station.

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