Great Lakes Shipmate of the Week: MK2 Christopher Weik, Station Toledo, OH

Coast Guard Station Toledo, located on the Southwest coast of Lake Erie, is a busy multi-mission unit with responsibilities that include search and rescue, law enforcement, ice rescue, and homeland security.  To achieve mission success, it is imperative that unit assets and facilities remain in peak operating condition. Petty Officer 2nd Class Christopher Weik, who reported to Station Toledo on Aug. 3, 2012, quickly established himself, seamlessly integrating into the day-to-day operations at the station and making himself an integral part of the station’s crew. Within hours of reporting aboard, Weik, a machinery technician, was already lending his expertise and assistance in the repair of a casualty to a unit small boat.

Weik stops for a photo near Station Toledo's 25' Response Boat-Small.

Weik stops for a photo near Station Toledo’s 25-foot Response Boat-Small.

Over the relatively short time that Weik has served at Station Toledo, there has been a significant improvement in the material condition of the unit’s facilities as well as its small boats. His dedication to maintenance and support for the unit, as well as his quick qualification in all aspects of his job, including station officer-of-the-day and ice rescuer, has given Station Toledo the flexibility to accomplish additional tasking even during the high operational tempo of summer. Always identifying ways to assist his shipmates and unit, he selflessly volunteered to assume the duties as assistant engineering petty officer, which allowed him to mentor junior members in all aspects of Coast Guard life.

Recognizing an opportunity to hone his proficiency and leadership skills, Weik again stepped up, this time assuming the role of engineering petty officer after the station’s permanent EPO was temporary duty away from the unit and again during his subsequent permanent change of station. Weik has run the engineering department flawlessly during this time, personally coordinating two civil engineering projects as well as emergency hull repairs to a unit small boat, while still performing routine duties such as augmenting patrols and SAR crews. He has willingly and readily switched from working within a duty section and working a day-workers schedule on a moment’s notice, ensuring that work is done, and his Shipmates are taken care of.

Weik’s loyalty to his shipmates extends beyond the time he is on duty, as he is always

Weik steps away for a moment during CPR and First Aid training at Station Toledo. Fellow unit members and Sea Cadets are training in the background.

Weik steps away for a moment during CPR and first aid training at Station Toledo. Fellow unit members and Sea Cadets are training in the background.

willing to help a shipmate out with repair to a vehicle, or give advice on a problem at home. He is equally as willing to help a neighbor with some chores or a quick home repair, simply for the reason that it is the right thing to do.

When asked about who should be the Shipmate of the Week from his station, Senior Chief Petty Officer Galazin said, “He will probably get mad at me for singling him out, feeling that there are plenty of members of the crew who deserve the honor, and he would be right, but that humble attitude and willingness to lift others up is exactly why Weik deserves this recognition.”  

Weik carefully balances a full and rewarding family life with a busy and demanding operational and administrative workload, quietly supporting his shipmates in their development, while making sure they have the gear and boats to achieve their missions. He quietly and humbly stands as a daily example to all of what a true shipmate should be, not craving recognition but simply wanting to serve.

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