Show dad some love this Father’s Day and keep him safe on the water

gift ideas for your boater

gift ideas for your boater

Father’s Day is a special day to honor a very important and influential figure in your life. If dad is a boater, there’s nothing more important than keeping him safe when the unexpected happens on the waterways. The U.S. Coast Guard offers some great gift ideas for boaters, kayakers and other personal watercraft operators to help keep them safe through the boating season.

PLB1. A 406 MHz personal locator beacon (PLB) — A PLB allows rescue forces to home in on a beacon once the 406 MHz satellite system has gotten them “in the ballpark” (about 2-3 miles).

2. Sleek, light-weight, and comfortable inflatable lifejackets — Lifejackets must be Coast Guard approved, in good and serviceable condition, and the appropriate size for the intended user.

3. A VHF-FM radio — Mariners are encouraged to invest in a VHF-FM radio as their primary means of distress alerting on the water. Communication via VHF-FM radio provides superior alerting capabilities compared to cellular phones.

4. Emergency signaling kits — Emergency signaling kits, which include flares, emergency distress signals, strobes, light sticks, and whistles provide life saving forms of distress signals at sea.

5. Up-to-date navigational charts and/or a handheld GPS unit — Know your location and where you are going at all times.

Another great gift idea for dad is to sign him up for a safe boating course. Knowledge is power, and it has been statistically shown that boaters who have taken a boating course are far less likely to be involved in a boating accident or fatality. Course topics include basic boat handling, required and recommended safety equipment, navigational rules and dealing with boating emergencies. You can also schedule a free vessel safety check (VSC) with your local Coast Guard Auxiliary unit. A trained and qualified person will conduct a safety check on your vessel to ensure compliance with federal, state and local safety requirements before getting underway. For more information or to schedule a VSC, visit:

Show dad how much he means to you by keeping him safe and protected on the water. The price range for these items is from under $10 up to several hundred dollars, but giving the gift of safety is priceless. These are recommended gift ideas that will help save lives and reduce accidents on America’s waterways.

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