Coast Guard Sector Lake Michigan morale event teaches Coast Guard history lesson

Finest Hours (3)

Written by Ens. Zach Hall

It was show time in Milwaukee as members of United States Coast Guard Sector Lake Michigan and their families prepared to watch a movie about the Coast Guard’s most daring sea rescue.

Often called the greatest small-boat rescue in American history, The Finest Hours is the story of the dramatic rescue of members of the crew of the SS Pendleton. A Coast Guardsman and three volunteers from the Chatham Lifeboat Station forged into a storm in a 36-foot lifeboat to bring the crewmen home.

The film epitomized the Coast Guard’s Core Values of Honor, Respect and Devotion to Duty, placing specific emphasis on our commitment to the American public.

Finest Hours (2)

The leading man in the film, Petty Officer 1st Class Bernie Webber, played by Chris Pine, alludes to this by uttering the immortal words, “In the Coast Guard they say you go out, they don’t say you gotta come back.”

The film’s title refers to a specific event, but there are vast numbers of examples of Coast Guard men and women’s Finest Hours.

Every day the men and women of the Coast Guard have their finest hour by keeping with the Coast Guard’s core values while completing their missions.

Much like Bernie Webber over 60 years ago, the tremendous rescue effort put forth Coast Guardsmen every day, thanks to their training, ability to perform under any circumstance, and sheer courage.

“I love the film,” said Command Master Chief Brian Fuller, Sector Lake Michigan’s Command Master Chief.

“It is great for today’s Coast Guardsmen to know our history and to see that we have always been ready for the call.”



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