Coast Guard cutters get “dressed up” for 4th of July

  There are 10 cutters homeported in the Great Lakes. These cutters conduct maintain aids to navigation, enforce laws, help clean the environment, keep our homeland secure and rescue boaters in distress. Most of the year the ships are out […]

Red right, return home alive!

Red light, stop; green light, go; yellow light, speed up? From a young age, most people know what a red light means for a driver. In fact, it doesn’t take many drivers long to learn what most of the signs […]

10 things that make the Great Lakes Coast Guard unique

1. We don’t get a summer or winter break Operational seasonality is an on-going reality for all Coast Guardsmen who call the Great Lakes home. Just as the summer months bring a hectic schedule due to increased search-and-rescue and law […]

Operation Fall Retrieve in full swing as winter approaches

The ice is coming! The ice is coming! The cold season is upon us here in the 9th Coast Guard District. As the month of December has begun and the official winter season nears, we are all preparing for the […]

Coast Guard Cutter Alder asumes the role of Chicago’s “Christmas Ship”

Click HERE to watch a multimedia video of the Christmas Ship tree offload. With a Christmas tree tied to its mast and lights strung about like stars in the sky, the Coast Guard Cutter Alder, homeported in Duluth, Minn., sat […]

Fade to silence

>In case you missed it, the Coast Guard marked the end of an era Tuesday, Feb. 9, when it ceased transmitting Loran-C navigation signals. Here on the Great Lakes, Loran Stations Seneca, N.Y., and Baudette, Minn., stopped transmitting at 3 […]

Cutter Buckthorn also saves lives without buoy tending

>Today’s photo comes courtesy of BM1 Danny McCorkle,Coast Guard Cutter Buckthorn. A previous post on this blog described the Coast Guard Cutter Buckthorn’s Aids To Navigation mission as one crucial to saving lives on the Great Lakes. Very appropo considering […]

Ready for operations

>Today’s Ninth Coast Guard District image of the day comes from Lt. Cmdr. Brian Donahue, Chief of the Ninth District’s Aids to Navigation and Domestic Ice Breaking Section. Lt. Cmdr. Donahue is currently aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Katmai Bay […]

Cutter Buckthorn Saves Lives Through Buoy Tending

> The buoy-deck crew is seven strong and covered in rust that will never wash from their coveralls. It’s a stinging November day and a gray sheet of clouds keeps any sun from warming the hard-at-work crew of Coast Guard […]

Underway with Bristol Bay: An ATON odyssey

>When people hear the words “U.S. Coast Guard,” usually the first image that pops into their heads is a helicopter flying low over stormy seas, searching for a distressed boater, or a small-boat station crew heading out to conduct law […]

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