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Improving service to mariners, industry and the public

Chicago’s 2017 Industry Day event highlighting industry leaders Story by Lt. John Ramos As the primary federal agency for developing marine safety, security, and environmental protection standards, the Coast Guard’s prevention role is largely regulatory, and our efforts begin in […]

Illuminating the way: Women lighthouse keepers of the Great Lakes

  In a Feb. 27 Facebook post, Bill Meahan said the following, regarding female lighthouse keepers on the Great Lakes … “Note these women do not wear spandex nor possess some supernatural power, they are simply strong and capable women […]

Milwaukee Coast Guard and area first responders maintain ice rescue proficiency

Written by: Lt. Brian Dykens, public affairs officer at Sector Lake Michigan The below average temperatures and thicker than usual ice in Milwaukee Harbor provided a perfect venue for Coast Guardsmen from Coast Guard Station Milwaukee and area first responders […]

Life Boat Station Ludington, Mich., completes first rescue, overcoming odds

One characteristic of a life-saving crew is to never give up. A second is to always try to overcome all odds. This is exactly what the first crew of Life Boat Station Ludington, Mich., did for their first rescue, Nov. […]

Chicago maritime community convenes Harbor Safety Committee in response to increased use, activity on Chicago River

Post written by: Cmdr. Jason Neubauer and Auxiliarist Jonathan Roth With a metropolitan area of more than 9.4 million people, Chicago is our nation’s third largest city and boasts the largest municipal harbor system in the United States, according to […]

Rip Currents: What they are; The dangers; How to escape

Sunny days, fresh water, sandy beaches; all of these could be used to describe summer time in the Great Lakes. It’s the time of year when the snowsuits go into storage and the swimsuits come out. People flock to places […]